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Herb Kohl is a great guy, surprises BMOHBC workers with $500 check in the mail

Slow clap for Herb Kohl (again)!


Herb Kohl probably deserves another slow clap, guys.

Much has been made of how generous the former Bucks owner and senator is, but Kohl continues to surprise with his thoughtful gestures. First it was the $100 million gift towards building a new arena; then it was a surprising and heartfelt letter to Bucks fans. Now Kohl has surprised BMO Harris Bradley Center workers with a $500 check enclosed in a note, thanking them for their effort to make the Bucks experience great for fans.

Five hundred dollars is a lot of money last time I checked. It is unclear how many BMOHBC employees received this gesture, but those that did were pretty stunned.

"Then I go, and I open it up, and I see $500," Atkins said. "I am not quick to shed tears. I sat there and shed tears for maybe five to 10 minutes because nobody just walks up gives you $500."

"Five hundred dollars, so I was very surprised. I was very surprised. You don't hear about the people doing that," security guard Markeish Stringer said.

Go Herb!