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Bucks mailbag podcast: Larry Drew, 'the rebuild' and organizational structure

We answer reader questions about the future of the Milwaukee Bucks in part one of our Q&A podcast.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

As Bucks fans shift their focus to the promising future of the franchise, pondering possible paths to success can prompt persistent questions. Some Brew Hoop readers presented such questions to Frank (@brewhoop) and  me (@stevevonhorn) on Twitter. We did our best to provide insights and answers to these queries, which touched on topics such as the fate of Herb Kohl's inner circle in the wake of the transition of ownership, the future of head coach Larry Drew and how the weakness of the Eastern Conference factors into the timetable for the rebuilding effort. If you need a break from the Jabari Parker / Andrew Wiggins debates, this is a talk that touches on broader themes related to the future of the Bucks.

This is only part one of our mailbag bonanza, so if your question did not get addressed in this episode you may find an answer in part two (which focuses more on the upcoming 2014 NBA Draft). Give the podcast a listen and then provide comments below. We'd love to hear from you.

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