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2014 NBA Draft: Brew Hoop Community Draft Board - Pick #4

This train is a-rollin' and the people have a-spoken. We've skipped right past the #3 spot. Now things get interesting.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor


Voting for spot #2 was so thoroughly dominated by two players that we have declared the winner to be Brew Hoop's #2 player, while the runner-up will take spot #3. So congratulations Jabari Parker - F, Duke, and Andrew Wiggins - G/F, Kansas, you've both made the podium!

Parker, Brew Hoop's #2 pick, is an NBA-ready scoring machine with a well-developed portfolio of offensive skills. He excels at creating his own shot and looks every bit the go-to scorer Milwaukee (and nearly every other team) would love to have. Parker had solid efficiency metrics in his only season with the Blue Devils, boasting a 55.7 True Shooting Percentage and 28.7 PER, according to Parker shot over 62% at the rim despite being assisted on about half of his shots from that range. He also draws fouls at a good rate and turns the ball over very infrequently. His offensive game is so well developed that's Kevin Pelton called him "close to a sure thing."

Defensively, it's another story. While few labeled Parker a disaster on defense, it certainly wasn't a selling point. He's not exceptionally quick, and his size (roughly 6'8") puts him in between the 3 and 4 on defense. He's got length and bulk enough to potentially handle power forwards alright, but Parker doesn't look like a guy who will be a defensive star anytime soon. As such, if his offensive production sags in the pros, he might not be helping too much.

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By default, Brew Hoop has declared Wiggins their #3 player. Blessed with incredible athleticism and the considerable hype that comes with, Wiggins has been viewed as an elite NBA prospect for years. While a slightly underwhelming year in college (plus some surprisingly stiff competition) has dulled the shine a bit, there's little doubt Wiggins brings all the physical tools and natural talent needed to be a true two-way superstar. His defense is already very strong, and he should develop into one of the league's best individual defenders with proper coaching. The speed and explosiveness he brings are virtually unmatched--the instant he's drafted, he'll be one of the league's most athletic players. Many NBA officials consider him the highest-upside prospect in the draft, needed only the right developmental coaching to reach his potential.

But for all the tools and hype, there are concerns over his level of skill, especially offensively. He isn't a great ball-handler and sometimes struggled to score in half court situations, and he's not yet a great shooter. The extra space afforded players in the NBA should help Wiggins take advantage of his athleticism on offense, but unless he refines his game more, it's hard to picture him as a truly elite scorer. Right now he looks an elite slasher and transition terror, but not quite the franchise-changing superstar many envisioned.

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The 2014 Brew Hoop Draft Board

1. Joel Embiid - C, Kansas
2. Jabari Parker - F, Duke
3. Andrew Wiggins - G/F, Kansas

We're skipping right to pick #4. Voting closes tomorrow at noon.