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ESPN 30 for 30 | "Mecca: The Floor That Made Milwaukee Famous" now online

Lucian McAfee

A couple weeks back we wrote about the awesome news that ESPN was producing a short film chronicling the history (and recent revival) of the old Milwaukee Mecca floor. We're now pleased to report that the 13-minute film is now available to view at Grantland, and it is indeed an awesome tribute to legendary artist Robert Indiana's pop-art hardwood.

Huge kudos to director Chris James Thompson as well as Andy Gorzalski and Ben Koller, the Bucks fans who set everything in motion by saving the floor from possible destruction in 2013. Without them we wouldn't have had the Our Mecca night last fall or the current Indiana-inspired Bucks floor design--well done, gentlemen!

Thanks to Andy and photographer Lucian McAfee for the photo above. Check out more of Lucian's great stuff at