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2014 NBA Draft: Brew Hoop Community Draft Board - Pick #5

The mysterious Australian has grabbed the #4 spot. Are there any truly elite prospects left?

Michael Dodge

It was a landslide again! The #4 spot on the Brew Hoop Draft Board goes to Dante Exum - G, Australia. Exum represents something of a tantalizing unknown, a stark contrast to the overwhelmingly scrutinized US prospects. As a presumptive point guard, his combination of size, length, and athleticism are impressive. While he's nominally referred to as a point guard, he can play more like a combo guard, similar to the Bucks' Brandon Knight. He's a solid passer, posting the best A/TO ratio among the top point guards at the most recent U-19 World Championships. Exum has great quickness with the ball, allowing him to attack the basket to set up shots for teammates and draw fouls at an excellent rate. Unfortunately he's not a great free-throw shooter, his percentages hovering around the mid-60s. That speaks to a larger overall concern about his shooting ability and the worry that he'll be far less effective in the NBA without an outside shot to set up his drives. Point guards can succeed without that skill (Rajon Rondo being the most obvious example), but they represent the exceptions. Some NBA officials might simply be scared of drafting Exum while knowing relatively little about him. While ESPN's Kevin Pelton tags him with the second-best WARP projection in the draft, that number is based on a very small sample size and influenced heavily by Exum's youth (he won't turn 19 until three weeks after the draft).

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The 2014 Brew Hoop Draft Board

1. Joel Embiid - C, Kansas
2. Jabari Parker - F, Duke
3. Andrew Wiggins - G/F, Kansas
4. Dante Exum - G, Australia

Voting for pick #5 will run until Sunday night because now things will get HEATED.