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VIDEO | Jabari Parker vs. Aaron Gordon, Joel Embiid vs. NBA length, and Andrew Wiggins vs. Marcus Smart

Jamie Squire

ESPN | 360 Scouting Reports
ESPN hasn't released a full list of Kevin Pelton's rookie Wins Above Replacement Player (WARP) projections, but their 360 profiles include them for most of the top picks in addition to scouting commentary from Chad Ford and Amin Elhassan. Here are the guys you care about (note that all of these pages are Insider-only):

DraftExpress | Scouting the top prospects against NBA competition
Because we haven't dissected the top prospects enough at this point (I kid!), here's some cool stuff from Mike Schmitz and the DX crew, as they break down some good (albeit small sample) matchups showing the draft's top prospects squaring off against stiffer college competition. First up, here's Jabari Parker squaring off against perhaps the most talented/athletic wing defender in college basketball, Aaron Gordon:

Next up: defensive dynamos Marcus Smart and Andrew Wiggins square off:

And lastly DX asks how Joel Embiid fared against guys with actual NBA length--Baylor's Isaiah Austin, Florida's Patric Young (albeit very early in the season) and Texas' Cameron Ridley:

The cynic could use any of these videos as evidence that [pick the guy you don't like] will struggle next year in the NBA, but we could also reasonably expect that good defenders are harder to score on, right? | Bucks getting after it in June
As Eric covered earlier, Giannis' brother Thanasis Antetokounmpo was the headliner of today's second round prospect workout at the Cousins Center.

"We wouldn't have had him in if our interest [in selecting Thanasis] wasn't sincere," said Director of Scouting Billy McKinney. "He had a good workout here today. He had a really good workout defensively. I like to call him an 'atomic dog' on defense. He just gets after you. He's one of those guys where he guards you so close that, when you go home at night, you look around you to see if he's still with you. He's pretty intense."

Hit up Alex Boeder's piece at for all you need to know about Thanasis, read up on the rest of the guys who were in for the workout, and check out a photo gallery of Giannis, Nate Wolters and Khris Middleton putting in the work with strength and conditioning coach Robert Hackett.

And in the event that you don't already follow the Bucks on Twitter and Instagram...well, get with the program. Some recent Twitter trash talk from Giannis finally had its payoff...and it looks like old man Nick Van Exel put up a good fight.

Hardwood Paroxysm | Maloney: On the Milwaukee Bucks and Hope
Our friend Jack Maloney serves up an excellent summary of the new outlook in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Mag | Shafer: Owning the Bucks, and the Night
I never got around to linking Dan Shafer's Milwaukee Magazine piece on Lasry and Edens' trip to Milwaukee last week, but it's probably the best one out there. Also: follow Dan on Twitter @danshafer.