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2014 NBA Draft: Brew Hoop Community Draft Board - Pick #10

Just one more pick to round out our top 10! NOT THAT IT MATTERS CAUSE BUCKS GOT #2 Y'ALL.

The #9 spot on the Brew Hoop Draft Board goes to Dario Saric, F, Croatia. Saric is one of the most hyped international prospects to enter the draft in recent years. After doing the will-he, won't-he dance for some time, NBA teams will finally get their chance to lay claim to the skilled Croatian forward.

"Skilled" is really the theme here, as Saric's game notably differs from your typical 6'10" American college prospect; Saric took on a fair share of his team's playmaking duties and has highly developed passing skills and great court vision. He can beat big men off the dribble with consistency thanks to his advanced ball-handling skills. He's also a pretty strong rebounder. Saric was named the 2013 FIBA Eurpoe Young Player of the Year behind strong play in a number of international tournaments and his home country's domestic leagues.

Unfortunately, Saric isn't a great shooter and doesn't look like he'll provide much floor-stretching ability, and all his passing skills must be weighed against his high turnover rate. In short, drafting Saric will give teams a unique prospect with the ability to affect the game in ways unfamiliar to opponents, but he's also lacking a bit in the traditional facets of the power forward position, where his size will most likely pigeonhole him.

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2014 Brew Hoop Draft Board

1. Joel Embiid - C, Kansas
2. Jabari Parker - F, Duke
3. Andrew Wiggins - G/F, Kansas
4. Dante Exum - G, Australia
5. Marcus Smart - PG, Oklahoma State
6. Julius Randle - PF, Kentucky
7. Noah Vonleh - PF, Indiana
8. Aaron Gordon - F, Arizona
9. Dario Saric - F, Croatia

Just one more pick to fill out our top ten!