Parker Wants to be in Milwaukee (?)

Regardless of your draft night preference, it is always nice to hear this (feel free to replace "always" with "dear lord finally...")

It seems pretty clear that Parker is, at an absolute minimum, OK with joining the Bucks. After years of listening to fans and members of the media advertise Milwaukee as a potentially "undesirable" city to play basketball in, it is nice to hear something to the contrary.

During draft week, it is especially important to take what you hear very lightly, if you want to stay sane. This is not a question about his work ethic or character, rather just an observation of him seemingly wanting to be a Buck at this point. So, even if you simply breeze over this tweet and classify it as draft week fodder, it is worth noting that reports of Parker liking Milwaukee have been in existence for a while now.

Most of you know that Parker is from the Chicago area and still has family there, which could be a compelling reason to want to take is talents to Bradford Beach. Another benefit of MKE is having his former assistant coach, Steve Wojciechowski, in Milwaukee. From what I have gathered, Coach Wojo has been welcomed by the Marquette, Milwaukee, and Wisconsin communities very well. Maybe Wojo let his former player know that.

Again, regardless of your preferences (Wiggins VS Parker VS Fill-in-the-blank) it is nice to hear that a player would actually be excited to join up with your team. Needless to say, we all hope the Bucks draft who they deem the best fit and best player, but if Parker is that guy, he may be just as happy as the fans who were hoping for him.

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