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NBA Draft 2014 | Andrew Wiggins workout video, Jabari Parker promise from Bucks?

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What did John Hammond, Billy McKinney and David Morway get to see when they visited Andrew Wiggins in Santa Barbara two weeks ago? Take a peek at the video above for a sense of the highlights, and if you look carefully you can see the Bucks' front office trio in a number of the clips seated courtside.

Observations: Andrew Wiggins is athletic, and hopefully he can dribble against NBA players like he dribbles against little 35-year-old white guys. Impressive stuff.

JS | Q&A: Bucks GM John Hammond's pre-draft news conference
Earlier on Tuesday, Eric brought you the highlights from John Hammond's pre-draft press conference, and you can check out a transcript of the whole thing at the JS. Not surprisingly, Hammond is playing things a bit more coyly than Marc Lasry did on Monday, though the general positivity and enthusiasm is more or less the same.

ESPN | Ford/Goodman: Cleveland Cavaliers torn on who to draft first
Parker or Wiggins? Wiggins or Parker? That's the debate keeping the Cavaliers up nights these days.

"They are torn," one source close to the situation told "They met for three hours, and all they talked about was those two guys."

Added another industry source: "They haven't come to a decision yet."

Sporting News | Deveney: Bucks open to moving Henson for lotto pick, Ilyasova more expendable
Nothing unreasonable here: Sean Deveney reports that the Bucks would prefer to move Ersan Ilyasova on draft night, while John Henson would only be moved for a higher return.

While Milwaukee, which holds the No. 2 pick in the draft, as well as Nos. 31, 36 and 48 in the second round, remains engaged in trade talks, they are not actively seeking to trade power forward John Henson - though he is the guy who has drummed up the most interest, sources told Sporting News. They, will, however remain open to the idea if it nets a lottery pick.

There had been some speculation that the Bucks were hoping to land Michigan's Mitch McGary at #31, but Chad Ford tweets that they probably shouldn't hold their breath.

Jabari Parker's dad Sonny insists that his son did not tank his workout in Cleveland, as suggested Monday by Ford. My guess: Parker probably prefers the Bucks--for proximity to Chicago and roster reasons--but his performance in Cleveland was likely more a matter of having a bad day than intentionally trying to play poorly.

Meanwhile, Jake Pavorsky from our SBN sister site Liberty Ballers tweets that the talk in Philly is that Parker has a promise from the Bucks. Maybe that's why Jabari never worked out for the Sixers, eh? Either way it only reiterates the general consensus currently out there that the Bucks will take the Cavaliers' leftovers.

Not the pizza, Jabari, NOOOOOOOOOOOO