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Draft day roundup: the latest mocks, draft rumors, and other Bucks news

Nine hours and counting...

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor

We're only nine hours away. Let's keep you up to the date the best we can amid this chaos.

DraftExpress: Mock Draft
Parker still remains the pick with DX. Not a complete surprise given the internal debates apparently going on in Cleveland, though it might not leave Jabari happy.

Marc J. Spears | Yahoo! Mock Draft
Spears has Wiggins falling to the Bucks at #2. Also not a surprise. As fun as it is to play with Dante Exum scenarios, it appears virtually assured that the Bucks will just stick with either Parker or Wiggins.

Sports Illustrated | Chris Mannix Mock Draft
Mannix has Parker going to the Bucks. Not a surprise, but part of his description was.

"There are legitimate questions about where Parker will play -- the Bucks have rookie sensation Giannis Antetokounmpo entrenched at small forward and recently re-signed Larry Sanders at power forward (or center, depending on who you ask) -- but players with Parker's offensive skillset don't come along every day."

Power forward? Huh?

TrueHoop TV: Quizzing Andrew Wiggins

TrueHoop TV: Quizzing Jabari Parker
It seems like some harmless fun, but are these videos cloaked as secretive basketball IQ tests?!? You'll have to watch and figure that out for yourself.

(Please note: I am kidding. Don't waste your emotional energy on something like that. The videos are cool, though).

Brew Hoop | How can the Bucks made this draft a memorable one?
In case you missed it, Frank had a nice post late last night about how the Bucks can take an already exciting draft and make it memorable. All they have to do is adhere to a few simple rules. Nothing tricky.

Speaking of making moves to make this draft memorable...

This falls in line with the growing sentiment that the Bucks may be trying to sneak into that range (or higher?) to grab a player (or two?) that they like. Who might some of those players be? Check out Frank and Steve's discussion on that in our MEGAPODCAST from yesterday.

Finally, this doesn't have much to do with this draft, but Giannis had an interview with Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders. It's a pretty great interview, as are most Giannis interviews. Check it out here.