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Philadelphia DESPERATELY wants the number one pick, or maybe they don't

It would appear Philadelphia is ready to mortgage the entire neighborhood in pursuit of the first overall pick. Or they're like "WHATEVS."

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

There are basically two schools of thought. One says that the Philadelphia 76ers desperately want the first overall selection, presumably with the intention of selecting Andrew Wiggins first overall. If that's true, they're reportedly willing to give up a LOT to get it:

That would represent...*whips out calculator*...all of the assets in the world. So yes, a fairly high price.

Some reports have indicated that, should the Cleveland Cavaliers draft Andrew Wiggins, it will be with the intention of trading him, whether that be to the 76ers or another team.

Of course, where there's smoke, there are conflicting reports claiming that the smoke is actually just swamp gas reflecting off the moon or something. This report from Yahoo! Sports just an hour earlier suggested that Philadelphia had given up their pursuit.

The Milwaukee Bucks, meanwhile, seem content to sit back and watch things unfold in front them. The latest reports continue to predict the Bucks will select whoever remains at number two between Wiggins and Jabari Parker, with Parker apparently their preferred choice.

This beautiful dance developing between Cleveland and Philadelphia has the entire draft held in limbo. Its resolution will likely come early, and the effects will be immediate.