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Embiid, Gordon, Exum go 3-4-5 in 2014 NBA Draft

Orlando's selection threw a wrench into mock drafts everywhere. Things should really get interesting in the next few picks.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Some interesting picks immediately followed the Milwaukee Bucks' predictable (but awesome!) selection of Jabari Parker with the second overall pick.

With the third pick, the Philadelphia 76ers selected Joel Embiid, arguably the draft's top talent, but a player who could miss the entire season as he recovers from foot surgery he underwent last week. It's the second year in a row Philadelphia has selected an injured big man with highly-regarded talent, after trading for Nerlens Noel last season.

The fourth pick came as a bit of a surprise, as the Orlando Magic grabbed Arizona forward Aaron Gordon. Gordon is possibly the best athlete in the entire draft and an excellent defender, but his offensive game is extremely raw and his position isn't clear. He's drawn comparisons to Shawn Marion, and even evoked memories of Kawhi Leonard scouting reports when the Finals MVP first entered the NBA.

Utah took Australian point guard Dante Exum with the fifth pick, marking the second year in a row they have selected a point guard in the first round. The Jazz are reportedly looking to play Exum and Trey Burke together, counting on Exum's size to allow defensive cross-matching as necessary. Burke is a capable shooter while Exum is a terrific passer, so the combination could have some nice synergy.