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Jason Kidd seeking position as President of Basketball Operations, not interested in coaching

It appears likely that Jason Kidd will be leaving the Nets, but he may have his sights set higher than a new head coaching position.

Chris Trotman

Jason Kidd's future with the Brooklyn Nets looks to be over following a surprising play for a larger role within the organization. As in the largest role.

Kidd's tenure as Nets head coach got off to a rocky start, but he ultimately led his team to the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Still, one marginally successful season seems like thin ground to stand on when asking for a promotion above your former boss's pay grade.

So is Kidd looking for such a position with the Milwaukee Bucks, who were given permission by the Nets to interview their soon-to-be-former Head Coach? We're getting rapid-fire reports.

So what do the Bucks have to say about this whole deal?


Kidd signed a three-year deal with a team option for a fourth year last summer. The contract has $7.5 million guaranteed.

And on that last tweet: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!