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Carl2680 brings news of your doom and various other happenings around the NBA

We weren't expecting any of this, but we were warned.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

We should have known.

We should have acted, should have been prepared. But we were blind. We felt safe, secure, placated by the second overall draft pick and a pretty decent salary cap outlook.


Now it's too late. He's already here. At least, they have been granted permission to see if he would perhaps like to come here. We don't know exactly what he would do, but he would And things will change.

OH HOW THEY WILL CHANGE. We thought things would be different this time. That the Men in Charge had found a new way to do things, that things would be smooth, quiet, peaceful.

Oh how wrong we were. And now it is upon us, though we know not what it is. It came in the night. It cast off the chains of one master, a master it did not respect, a master that did not heed its calls about the value of the 44th overall pick. I mean what is Markel Brown like 5'11" we are competing for a championship here I mean seriously.

But we were warned. There was one who knew, and we refused to know with him. We mocked him. How we chastised his futile attempts to guard us against what edged ever closer.

His vindication is our despair. And now we can do little but wait. Wait, and hope.

Just please don't take Jabari.

All the credit in the world to @hartzellNBA for bringing to light this Prophet of Truth.