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Jason Kidd not being considered for President of Basketball Operations position

Jason Kidd's rumored involvement with the Milwaukee Bucks is not likely to land him a position in the front office.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

According to a tweet from our own Eric Buenning, Jason Kidd's reported dealings with the Milwaukee Bucks are not related to a position as President of Basketball Operation, as had previously been speculated:

Kidd's single season as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets was reasonably successful, as he ultimately led a team hobbled by numerous injuries to key players all the way to the Eastern Conference Semifinals. However, Kidd was reportedly unsatisfied with his position in the organization. Whether that was due to a desire for additional say in personnel decisions or simply more money is unclear.

This latest report does reconcile the various reports in an Occam's Razor sort of way. Regardless of what Kidd's motives and ultimate aims were, it appears clear that his time with the Nets is over. His resume, to the extent he has one, qualifies him far more for another head coaching position than a top-level decision maker, even if we have little evidence to suggest what level of competency he might have in such a capacity. Taken alone, the chain of events now suggested seems perfectly reasonable: Kidd angled for more power with the Nets, was shot down, determined there were irreconcilable differences between himself and the organization, and found the Bucks (perhaps through personal acquaintance Marc Lasry) as a possible landing spot, given the struggles of their incumbent head coach.

If he will indeed be interviewing with the Bucks regarding the head coaching position, it would seem--at minimum--to put current head coach Larry Drew on alert. Nothing guarantees Drew the ability to interview for his job, though it's reasonable to think he should be given the chance to do so face-to-face with new owners Lasry and Wesley Edens. Whether such a meeting has actually taken place is unknown, but if Lasry and Edens desire new leadership, a buyout of Drew's contract can likely be hashed out with little trouble. At that point the biggest question is whether a coach with just a single year of experience under his belt is the best fit for a young roster that is sure to be prioritize player development over competitiveness for some time. The question of compensation on the Bucks' part also remains open, though Milwaukee would seem to have time on its side if they are willing to simply wait for Kidd to be released from his contract with the Nets.

And what do Bucks fans have to say about this development?

UPDATE: It's been about 30 minutes since Eric's tweet and Charles Gardner of the Journal-Sentinel is now also reporting that Kidd is only being considered for the coaching position.