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Jabari Parker meets Milwaukee, Part II

Not everything that happened in the Milwaukee Bucks' universe was controversial over the weekend. Remember the happier times?  Like, on Friday?

Hours before the Jason Kidd story sent the league into a tizzy, Jabari Parker's feel-good weekend was finishing up at Miller Park, capped off with a one-hopped ceremonial first pitch just hours after trying on his new #12 Bucks jersey for the first time. Parker might not have looked exactly svelte in his new duds, but we'll get a good sense of where he is in terms of conditioning in two weeks when Vegas Summer League kicks off on July 11th (against Andrew Wiggins and the Cavs no less).

Parker also did his first one-on-one with Jim Paschke (above), among other things talking about his visits to Milwaukee as a child and the importance of getting his degree--even if he admits it will probably take him a while. So in case there was any doubt: no, Jabari couldn't be a nicer, more humble kid. A great draft night feature from Scoop Jackson at ESPN only further confirmed that truth, giving Bucks fans something pleasant to fall back on after a weekend full of Kidd-induced drama.