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NBA Draft 2014 | Dante Exum and Andrew Wiggins schedule workouts with Bucks, Jabari Parker projected as pick in latest mocks

Let the exciting part of the pre-draft workouts begin.

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There has been chatter for a few weeks now about how and when the Bucks would get a look at the draft's top prospects. According to Chad Ford, they won't have to wait much longer.

The Bucks have already had two chances to interview Exum in the past month, first at the Chicago draft combine as well as during their recent trip to L.A., but this figures to be their first chance to see him do anything on a basketball court since the FIBA U19 World Championships last summer. It isn't clear at this point as to whether Exum will leave California for his Bucks workout, but it's nice to know that the Bucks' brass will get at least one long look at both Exum and Wiggins somewhere.

(Update: League sources tell Charles Gardner of the Journal Sentinel that Exum will travel to Milwaukee for the workout).

Wiggins has been the odd man out so far in terms of opening himself up to teams, but he still figures to be a top three selection, while Exum could possibly fall as far as sixth (should Orlando go with Marcus Smart) and go as high as second to the Bucks. Having the #2 spot was already interesting enough to begin with, and now that workouts with the top guys are happening it's only going to get more crazy. Only 17 more days to get your #HOTTAKES in!

Meanwhile, the latest couple of mocks came out this morning, and both DraftExpress and Yahoo!'s Marc J. Spears have the Bucks selecting....neither of the aforementioned guys. Instead, they both project that Joel Embiid will go first and Jabari Parker will be the Bucks' selection with the second pick. There has been speculation that Parker would be the Bucks' pick for a little while now, as Embiid--the other guy the Bucks reportedly had the most interest in--seems to have the strongest grip on that top spot. However, there's always a chance that Cleveland heads in a different direction, leaving the Bucks the option of selecting the prospect with arguably the highest ceiling of the group.  No word yet on private workouts with Parker and Embiid, though the Bucks did get a chance to watch both during a day of private workouts organized by their agency Wasserman Media Group.

In summation, the Bucks should eventually get a look at everyone they might desire with that second pick--other than perhaps Embiid--and they will probably continue to ''like everyone'' until Commissioner Adam Silver approaches the podium on draft night. And that is fun and soooooo much better than debating the merits of Shane Larkin and Dennis Schroeder, isn't it?