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Milwaukee Bucks tweak jersey font, add gold collar representing '71 championship

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We're likely at least a year away from any sort of full-blown rebranding of the Milwaukee Bucks, but that doesn't mean the Bucks' jerseys won't feature some subtle changes for the coming season.

Jim Owczarski of noted this morning that the Bucks would be among the teams adding a small gold tab to their back collars this coming season, a subtle addition for every team that has won at least one NBA title. In the story Owczarski includes leaked catalog pictures provided by graphic designed Conrad Burry, and while looking at the photos I couldn't help but notice another subtle but aesthetically more important change. Can you spot it?

Unlike previous Bucks jerseys, the new ones don't feature the same bookended font in the word "BUCKS"; now all the letters are the same size, which I'd say is a subtle but clear improvement on the slightly wonky "BuckS" logo of previous years. The piping on the sides of the jerseys also appears a bit more stylized, though the angle of the photo makes it a bit more difficult to compare with the team's current design.

Note that the font tweak was actually pointed out to me on Twitter a week ago by someone who noted a similar change in Jabari Parker shirseys that are now available--unfortunately I can't find the person's tweet in my mentions anymore, so my apologies for not giving credit where it's due.