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Coaching change-up: Scott Williams out, Sean Sweeney and Eric Hughes in

Jason Kidd has replaced Larry Drew as the Head Coach, and the coaching changes won't stop there.

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Maddie Meyer

We should all be aware by now that the Bucks have a new Head Coach. Jason Kidd is in while Larry Drew is out. But what about the other members of the coaching staff? Nothing has been announced as of yet, but a few moves have already been reported. Let's catch you up on them.


There hasn't been offical word on the statuses of assistants Bob Bender, Jim Cleamons, or Nick Van Exel, though it doesn't appear at the moment like they'll be sticking around. Josh Oppenheimer, the player development coach and "shot doctor" that was hired last season, was the only former assistant in attendance today. You may look into that however you'd like, though the early guess is that he'll at least get a chance to stick around. Oppenheimer received high praise for his work with youngsters like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Nate Wolters, and Brandon Knight over the course of last season.


Both Sean Sweeney and Eric Hughes will join Kidd's staff in Milwaukee, reports Charles F. Gardner. Both Sweeney and Hughes would also coach the Bucks' summer league team as well, with well-respected former coach and development expert Tim Grgurich also expected to help out. Giannis Antetokounmpo (2013) and Larry Sanders (2010) among the notable Bucks to have attended Grgurich's annual camp in Vegas.

The 29-year-old Sweeney worked as the Nets video coordinator for two years and was promoted to assistant coach/video by Kidd during the middle of last season. He is considered to be a "rising star" in the coaching ranks. "I think he has the tools that he's going to be a head coach in this league. He understands our system, our principles, so this is a great platform for him," Kidd told reporters after today's press conference.

Hughes joined the Nets staff in June of 2013, after spending the previous six seasons with the Toronto RaptorsHughes also specializes in player development, and previously worked as a Director of Summer Player Development at Goodwin Sports, where he created workout programs and helped train players such as Kevin Durant, Al Horford, and Dwight Howard.

h/t Joel Garber for noting Grgurich's involvement

UPDATE: It appears Oppenheimer will indeed be retained, giving the Bucks two assistants with player development backgrounds. Probably not a bad idea for a team of youngsters, eh?