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Bucks add new executives, Jabari Parker is hoopin' in Chicago, Kendall Marshall is talking...everywhere

Mike McGinnis McDonough named CFO, Cook hired as VP of Business Affairs
And so the changes continue.

A few weeks after parting ways with longtime CFO Mike Burr and Executive VP Ron Walter, the Bucks continued their organizational overhaul on Monday by announcing the additions of longtime Knicks executive Patrick McDonough as CFO and former HNTB Corp executive Bob Cook as VP of Business Affairs. The Bucks also announced that longtime executive John Steinmiller would be assuming a new title of EVP of Community Affairs and Social Responsibility, a role that would presumably move him away from the team's day-to-day business operations and focus him more directly on arena-related issues (again, presumably).

As for Cook, it's likely no coincidence that he was previously based in Madison as VP of Governmental Affairs for HNTB, a company that just so happens to provide "architecture, engineering, planning and construction services." Their project history includes the Marquette Interchange project, and the Bucks might need a little help on the lobbying/deal-making front with a certain major infrastructure project needed by 2017. So it all fits together rather nicely, eh?

Twitter | Jabari Parker: still ballin'
We don't have any video evidence (yet?), but the good folks at Nike/Jordan just wanted you to know that their newest endorser isn't resting on his laurels this summer. | David Aldridge: Q&A with Kendall Marshall
Yes, Kendall Marshall is still pumped to be a Buck.

I'm excited about it. I think we have a really good young forward. I think Jabari [Parker] and Giannis [Antetokounmpo], they've got a chance to be really special. I think they can be superstars. And then you've got guys like Brandon Knight, Larry Sanders, Khris Middleton, I think those are all guys that, if they could keep us together and be patient, I think we've got a great future. | Scouting report on Damien Inglis
Our man Alex Boeder talked to Billy McKinney about a guy you probably don't know much about: 31st overall pick pick Damien Inglis. Really interesting read--here's a sample:

Were you able to watch Inglis in person before the draft? Did anyone else on staff watch him in person? How did you scout him?

In person. Dave Babcock (vice president of player personnel) saw him overseas. And then he played in the Nike Hoops Summit, so I was there (with John Hammond and David Morway) the entire week, watching him practice and then play in the games. We had the entire week to watch his practice habits and see all of the things he was able to do.

He is another guy that can play multiple positions on offense and defense. When we looked at him, we kind of compared him, with his build and his size, to a Ron Artest. He's very skilled. He can handle the ball, make plays off the dribble, shoot the ball, defend multiple positions. He rebounds the ball well, and is a pretty darn good athlete.

ESPN: Best rookies at Las Vegas Summer League
While Inglis is a bit of a mystery man, Parker certainly isn't, but that won't stop me from posting more warm-and-fuzzy summer league analysis. This time it comes courtesy of ESPN's David Thorpe:

It's hard to ignore Parker's lack of conditioning, especially compared to how lean so many of his teammates and competitors were. But you should ignore it. Parker handles himself with a pro's demeanor already, and once he is immersed into that NBA culture, watch the weight drip off. We already knew he had a versatile game -- so polished for such a young player -- but it was the occasional burst of energy or speed that was the most exciting thing to watch.

As he leans out and gets in better overall shape, he will be able to exhibit those kinds of athletic plays more often. Parker will be absolutely devastating when he combines his skillful game of craft, timing and shooting. It would not surprise me to see both Parker and Wiggins absolutely destroy their competition if they returned next summer. Parker is definitely a favorite to win rookie of the year.