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VIDEO: All-Access with Jabari Parker meeting Milwaukee, Herb Kohl continues to be ridiculously generous

Mike Stobe

Remember when the Bucks selected Jabari Parker with the #2 pick and introduced him to Milwaukee? Wasn't that super awesome? Would you like to relive those days again?

Lucky for us, Bucks.comTV has provided an all-access look into those three days. It's really quite enjoyable. Check it out.

There are plenty of reasons why this video is awesome, but allow me to highlight a few:

  • Right after John Hammond calls in the pick, you can see various people around the room look at Hammond with big smiles on their face. It's pretty obvious that they had gotten their guy, and it's made even more evident by Hammond's reactions the rest of the video. He was so freaking excited. He probably would have hugged everyone in attendance at the Cousins Center that night if they had asked.
  • Immediately after that, we see Parker in the tunnels of the Barclays Center. The moment he had been working for his entire life had finally arrived, and the emotion of the moment had caught up with him. While shedding a few tears of joy, Parker said, "I worked so hard man. I'm gonna keep working hard." AHHHHHH JABARI YEAH KEEP SAYING THAT YOU'RE AWESOME. Anyways...
  • While at Summerfest, Parker picks up a little girl for a picture. After taking it, he asks the girl, "Do you like Frozen? Do you like that movie Frozen? I do too." Not only does Parker demonstrate some fantastic upper body strength here--picking up a child is serious business--but he also gives us a glimpse into his likable character and potential elite babysitting skills. Awesome
  • While throwing out the first pitch at the Brewers game, I can't help but laugh every time I hear Parker giggle (I'm assuming it's him. Don't try and ruin that for me).  He seems very excited. I'm very excited. Is it time for Summer League yet?
We all should know by now that former Bucks owner Herb Kohl is a class act. But Woelfel details yet another incredible act of generosity from Kohl to Bucks employees.
You may have read where Kohl gave gifts of $500 to employees at the BMO Harris Bradley Center, where the Bucks played their home games.

What you haven't read, though, is that Kohl's generosity extended much further. He also bestowed significant financial gifts

to others in the organization, from secretaries to sales personnel to basketball operations officials. The amount Kohl gave those employees varied and was based on different criterion, not the least of which was longevity with the organization.

Some Bucks employees received $40,000 while others received nearly $100,000. And there were even some individuals who were given checks that one person close to the situation described as "life changing."

Wait, what? That's so much money!

How about one more slow clap for the Senator?