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Counting down the Milwaukee Bucks' most valuable assets - JOBbed

We continue to pare down the roster, this time cutting loose Milwaukee's rookie forward.

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We're counting down the Milwaukee Bucksmost valuable assets one by one to get a clear picture of how Bucks fans view the current roster.

The next player to be sent packing is another new arrival, 36th overall pick Johnny O'Bryant III. O'Bryant was a High School All-American and played three seasons with the LSU Tigers, twice being named to the All-SEC First Team. O'Bryant brings a versatile offensive skillset with him, including a good back-to-the-basket game and some mid-range shooting. He likens himself to David West. He's a hard worker who truly reinvented himself physically while playing for the Tigers, massively improving his conditioning, which drastically improved his performance on the court.

Those are great things to see from a second-round pick and a player who is going to have to work hard if he hopes to succeed in the NBA. While the Bucks won't be mistaken for a contender unable to spare any minutes for a young player trying to improve, O'Bryant has a number of higher-profile players to jostle with on the roster. He's unlikely to feature heavily in the rotation unless the Bucks ship out a player like Ersan Ilyasova to open some space. That being said, Milwaukee's front office is excited to have landed a player of O'Bryant's character and feel his selection is consistent with their "Draft for talent, trade for need" philosophy. Scouting Director Billy McKinney expounded on Milwaukee's excitement in an interview with Alex Boeder for

Where did you have O’Bryant ranked on your big board?

I thought he was a First Round pick. He was one of the few guys in this draft who was a natural back-to-the-basket player. Much like Jabari, not only can he score with his back to the basket, but he can also play on the elbow, make the seven- or eight-foot shot. He is an excellent passer and rebounder. I liken him to a combination of Al Jefferson and Reggie Evans. A really good rebounder and legitimate inside scorer. I thought he had a really excellent first night. So for him to slip down to No. 36, we just didn’t think he would be there.

O'Bryant's value with regards to our current rankings falls in the middle primarily because we just don't know much about him, but it's unlikely Bucks fans are really eager to get rid of him the way they might be with players lower on the list. His placement has more to do with the perceived positive value of other assets. If he gets the opportunity to play this season, and plays well, his cheap three-year deal could become significantly more valuable.

Milwaukee Bucks Roster Asset Rankings

18. O.J. Mayo
17. Carlos Delfino
16. Chris Wright
15. Miroslav Raduljica
14. Zaza Pachulia
13. Jerryd Bayless
12. Johnny O'Bryant III