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Counting down the Milwaukee Bucks' most valuable assets - Damien, we hardly knew ye

We've seen very little of the Bucks' 2nd-round pick, but he made it all the way to the top half of our rankings.

We're counting down the Milwaukee Bucksmost valuable assets one by one to get a clear picture of how Bucks fans view the current roster.

Damien Inglis is truly and International Man of Mystery. Since being drafted by the Bucks with the first pick of the 2014 NBA Draft's second round, we've barely seen or heard anything of Inglis, who didn't even sign with the team until very recently. But the unknown is just so much more exciting than the known, and Inglis' nebulous potential--and an assuredly team-friendly contract--was enough to keep him around in our rankings for quite some time.

Much of what your average Milwaukee Bucks fans knows about Inglis is still gleaned almost exclusively from draft-related scouting reports, like this extensive offering from DraftExpress or this recent take from Upside and Motor. We discussed these reports quite a bit back around draft time, but as a quick refresher, let's just summarize the primary elements contributing to Inglis relatively high perceived value:

  • As the 31st-overall pick, Inglis certainly qualifies as a coveted "First-round talent with a second-round draft slot," making it easy to sell him as a talented player with a very favorable contract by virtue of where he was selected.
  • He's just 19 years old with plenty of upside.
  • Aside from possibly Giannis Antetokounmpo, he projects as the best wing defender on the roster (though he might not manifest as such right away).
  • He's very cheap. And really, this can't be emphasized enough. Whichever team employs him will have very little trouble letting him develop with such a small cap hit.

While Inglis has his issues--he's turnover prone, he's not a great shooter, and his athleticism doesn't always show up on offense--he has virtually zero downside as an asset.

Milwaukee Bucks Roster Asset Rankings

18. O.J. Mayo
17. Chris Wright
16. Zaza Pachulia
15. Jerryd Bayless
14. Johnny O`Bryant III
13. Ersan Ilyasova
12. Nate Wolters
11. Jared Dudley
10. Clippers' 2015 first-round pick
9. Kendall Marshall
8. Damien Inglis