History Lesson

In sports, teams can make history and they can have history. Likely, there are even more verbs history can be associated with, but let's focus on the these two.

On YouTube one used to find the 2001 Eastern Conference Finals. Purple colored Bucks vs. a guy named Allen as first name. Well, and there was Ray Allen. And Big Dog. And what have you. Despite the outcome: Obviously as a fan you like your team having these kind of anecdotes about your team. Being too young in order to write anything useful about it, i will just go with go quick on the next example: 1971.

I bet you guys can even come up with more stories, e.g. be it the Sidney Moncriefs and Michael Redds, but i don't know enough in order to write about those.

Here goes my question:

Why are these people not around anymore or in more often? I heard and watched Kareem's media-thing in Milwaukee, i believe earlier this year. As far as i know, the Sacramento Kings (as a successor of the Royals) invited Oscar to games here and there. Why isn't he with us? Ray Allen will go for another ring or check or whatever, but why are there no ties to Milwaukee? Okay, finishing his career here is not really a nice fit, but... yeah. I like him in the Bucks' resume. Perhaps other people have more knowledge about these things. I'm looking forward for your input ;-)

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