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Ranking the Milwaukee Bucks' most valuable assets: Ultimate Battle of Ultimate Destiny

And then there were two.

Mike Stobe

So, it has come to this.

Destiny, that's what brought us here. Our paths were many and obscure. But we have arrived. We may not have come together. Indeed, there was strife along the road. At times we did not know where we were going. 12 poor souls thought that Giannis Antetokounmpo was the 12th-most valuable asset on the roster. Our companions abandoned us during the journey, only to be replaced by strangers.

But our cause was sure and true, and we have reached the promised land. Our two idols stand in silence, awaiting judgement, but only one can reign supreme. Choosing the victor falls to us.

Choose wisely.

Yo folks, check it: this poll asks which player is the MOST valuable, so pick the player who you think deserves the TOP spot on our list. The loser of this vote will take the #2 spot, Miss America style. Thanks y'all.

Milwaukee Bucks Roster Asset Rankings
18. O.J. Mayo
17. Chris Wright
16. Zaza Pachulia
15. Jerryd Bayless
14. Johnny O`Bryant III
13. Ersan Ilyasova
12. Nate Wolters
11. Jared Dudley
10. Clippers' 2017 first-round pick
9. Kendall Marshall
8. Damien Inglis
7. Khris Middleton
6. John Henson
5. Larry Sanders
4. Brandon Knight
3. 2015 Unprotected First-Round Pick