Bucks NBA 2K15 Ratings

Jack Arent/NBAE via Getty Images

(UPDATED 28/09/14 - I have now collated these into one list to make it tidier.)

Saw over on Peach Tree Hoops that 2K Sports are releasing 100 player ratings for every 5000 Twitter followers here.

So, as they have, I thought I would round up the Bucks player ratings:

79 - Brandon Knight
79 - Larry Sanders
78 - Jabari Parker
77 - OJ Mayo
75 - John Henson
75 - Khris Middleton
75 - Nate Wolters
74 - Giannis Antetokounmpo
74 - Jerryd Bayless
74 - Kendall Marshall
74 - Jared Dudley
73 - Ersan Ilyasova
69 - Zaza Pachulia
67 - Johnny O'Bryant

And there are some now ex-Bucks listed too which I thought might interest you (but obviously less):

70 - Carlos Delfino
67 - Miroslav Radjulica

I am assuming, as they haven't appeared yet, that Chris Wright and Damien Inglis have not made this list at all (unless the guys over at 2K sports rate them much higher than everyone else does). Probably means they are late additions to the game.

By my calculations, that's the lot, right?

And also by my calculations, the 2K guys aren't all that hot on the Bucks this season. I would have expected higher ratings for BK and Larry at least. What do you think? Did they nail it or sail wide of the mark?

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