Gary Payton mentoring Giannis Antetokounmpo

Originally reported by Kostas Koukousis on, you should probably take this report with a grain of salt until confirmed.

Jason Kidd had a vision going to Milwaukee: to see Giannis Antetokounmpo running the point for the Bucks from the "1" position. The new coach of the Bucks is not only determined to implement this idea, but will have the help of one of the top point guards of the 90s in this effort: Gary Payton.

Gary Payton is in Athens today and at an event held during the afternoon in the northern suburbs, he revealed that he has agreed with the Bucks to assume the role of 'Special Advisor' for Giannis Antetokounmpo next season. The "Glove" will start work during the pre-season at the end of the month, and said that he has met with the 19-year-old forward in Las Vegas, as well as with Jason Kidd, with whom he has a long friendship from the years they both played in the NBA.

The veteran superstar of Sonics and Lakers fame characterized Antetokounmpo as "unripe", but stressed that he has a lot of potential and was impressed by the willingness he has to learn and improve his game. As is evident, therefore, in an attempt to make him a point forward, Giannis Antetokounmpo will have the help of a player who "wrote" 17 years in the NBA, was a 9-time All Star and was once a leading defender of the NBA (1996).


Second article reported by Antonis Kalkavouras of

- What do you know about Greek basketball?

"Not too much! I remember that before the Olympic Games in Atlanta, we beat you in a friendly that was hosted in Indianapolis, and last year during the season I began to learn about the "Greek Freak"!

He made a promising start in his "rookie" year, but in July I saw him up close in summer-league Las Vegas, I’m truly impressed ... "

- We haven’t heard you say his name ... What’s up, can’t pronounce it?

"(Bursts of laughter!) ... Exactly! Please do not put me to the task, because I’ll be exposed (laughs ...)! This guy (Giannis) is more than just an interesting basketball player, I’ve studied him very carefully during the Bucks Las Vegas league games, and when Jason Kidd (Editors note .: childhood friend and trainer of the "Bucks"), told me that he would use him at point-guard, I thought that he was joking! Well, then, he said, "Gary, do judge before you see him!" ... Truly, when I saw his handle of the ball, his ability to penetrate and his acumen that he has of the game, combined with the athletic skills, I said that "this kid will reach heights"! That's why he asked me to go to Milwaukee during training-camp to work and talk for a few days with him, so as to help him adjust more easily to the needs that the role requires for the modern point-guard. From what I have learned, he is a hard worker, but he should slowly add muscle volume in his body, to gain an advantage over competitors. "

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