Giannis with a Glove: Point Guard Dreams

Most seasoned basketball fans understand not just the importance of the point guard position but how special it can be. There is a level of creativity that is displayed through running an offence and executing plays possibly with a highlight reel assist which opens up the imagination of players that usually have the ball in their hands. It's why we see people of all shapes and sizes from the NBA to your local gym wanting the chance to bring up the ball - as disastrous as it may be. This is why Giannis Antetokounmpo at the point is opening up the imaginations of fans with the chance to watch someone live through the dream opportunity.

Giannis work ethic, confidence, unique skill set for his size and age make him the ideal candidate for such and fantasy like experiment. Now we may have a set of ideal coaches as well. Both Jason Kidd and, new personal coach for Giannis, Gary Payton were big point guards. For a player who stands at 6'11" seems they would be the ideal wells of knowledge for someone figuring out how you go about exploiting the advantages of being a tall primary ball handler. With the extra inches the Giannis has on even the tallest of NBA point guards in history his ability to adopt some of the skills and strategies of Kidd and Payton will provide the basis for him to perhaps do things that we have never seen before.

Offensively this means a few things. First is court vision and ball handling. Handling the from your own baseline to extended seconds in offensive is something both coaches have done against smaller / quicker defenders. they have also been great at reading defenses, play development and floor spacing to create shots for their teammates. Giannis of these skills but Payton and Kidd had mastered them. And then there is scoring. Taller guards will have obvious advantages in the post and mid range pull ups off of back downs around the elbow and the pick and role. Payton masterfully took advantage of these advantages.

The player known as the glove certainly mastered a lot on the defensive end of the floor. And while Kidd was a great defender as well Payton's game may reflect more of what Giannis can aspire to as his wing span was also above average for a point. Of course Giannis leavew average in the dust but how he takes advantage his length can be built from the defense Payton employed against his defenders.

Just as I'm finishing this up Giannis has retweeted confirmation of the report from the NBA. Payton will be coaching Giannis. What began as excitement about a unique and lovable young player last year extended to flirtations with the most creative position on the floor during summer league this year. And just as training camp is about to open this fan's magination is starting to spark with expectations of an explosion down the road. It's perhaps rare to see the evolving game of a player from such a young age and such previously unimaginable possibilities. Many in the press have talked about how this is like a video game point guard experiment come to life. The addition of Payton is beginning to cement it all in reality. Wow.

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