Who's On First

Okay, not the same sport, but the number of possibilites as the Bucks have for a starting lineup is almost as amusing as the old Abbott and Costello act. I will list as many as I can, with my preference being first. Choose the one you like or post one of your own. Also, this list is interchangeable with backcourt and frontcourt combinations.

1. PG Marshall SG Knight SF Giannis PF Parker C Sanders

2. Knignt Giannis Middleton Parker Sanders

3. Knight Mayo Dudley Parker Sanders

4. Wolters Knight Parker Henson Sanders

5. Marshall Knight Parker Ersan Sanders

6. Knight Bayless Giannis Parker Sanders

7. Knight Dudley Giannis Parker Sanders

8. Knight Giannis Parker Ersan Sanders

9. Knight Giannis Parker Henson Sanders

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