How much better would Giannis be if he grew up in Chicago

However Giannis is not American and has not yet been Americanized. He has grown up in the urban areas of Greece not The cities of Chicago or New York . He is not gary Payton from Oakland, Kidd from Cali, Durant and Carmelo from Dc, not even lebron James from Ohio or Drose from the chi. Giannis is a European product and has been taught since he began to play the game to share the wealth work as a team and win collectively. He has played in places where the athletic freaks of Chicago and New York are quite uncommon but fundamentals and teamwork rules the day. Teamwork is always of paramount importance but milwaukee needs a star player I mean confident goto player. the American Young athlete has been taught and allowed by their coaches to dominate their opponents and are expected to carry their high school, aau, and college teams. The true first lesson for a phenom from Chicago of trusting their teammates generally comes in college or the nba for the American born player. This after 18 years of going rogue. last year Giannis lacked to a large degree what most stars in Americans not just American players have and that is a large amount of selfishness, confidence, ego, and entitlement. Can you imagine Giannis coming in last year and shooting the ball 15 to 20 times a game like jabari Parker is expected to do this year. In the summer league broadcast mateen caleaves kept speaking about that boogie that jabari Parker has in his game that he loved.What Mateen was speaking of was his confidence to shoot the ball repeatedly finding offense for himself and the flare to the game that most Europeans or overseas players do not possess to become nba stars. Fortunately last year we saw by the snarls and the faces that Giannis made during the season as he made good plays and by the confidence of his interviews that suggest that he may not be the typical overseas player and that he may not be all in on the European way. Effectively this is his first year as an Americanized player in the nba. Look at it as if This is Giannis rookie year coming off of a successful one and done college career. This is the year he has to realize that he does not defer to Brandon knight, oj mayo, Caron butler, kris Middleton just as Carmelo Durant or I'm sure jabari Parker wouldn't defer. Unlike Parker, Andrew wiggins has to learn what the attitude of a star in the nba looks like that's why it was so important for the bucks to get the American Jabari Parker ant not wiggins. Can you imagine if the Cleveland cavaliers took Jabari? Would they expect that a Kid from the chi who sees himself as a star would be relegated to do the dirty work, be the role player and simply defer to Irving and lebron. I don't think so, they are going to have a hard enough time handling Dion waiters from Philly that has been a star since 8th grade. Did you really think that Greece was going to give the minutes to a 19 year old or put the ball in his hand making him a team leader?

I also wanted to discuss how Europe ruined giannis defensively and why he can overcome the defensive missteps that plagued him last year and develop into a player that can guard all three backcourt positions even though it did not appear so last year. The problem with Giannis defense is he still thinks he's in Europe. He's thinks he has the footspeed to match most nba backcourt players like he may have in Europe and this is not so. If you watch him defend his feet are so active much more than most nba players. He's tryin to match footspeed of quicker players and in turn he is negating his length advantage because he is defensively out of place and off balance to stop penetration. If you are as tall as Giannis your job is to keep space between you and the offensive player and get a hand in the shooters face. His job is not to prevent the jump shot from being shot but To make it more difficult shooting over the defender. Being that Gary Payton is being brought in to mentor him I'm sure this will be addressed. Gary Payton was known for using his size in the post and on top of the key to run the offense on smaller guards and his size and strength on defense to keep them in front of him.Gary Payton to my knowledge was never considered one of he quickest or most athletic guards but he was heady.

while I'm getting this off my chest let me address the lineup that Intrigues me and why it intrigues me. As you see I'm excited for the Bucks season.

Giannis pg

middleton sg

parker sf

ilyasova pf

sanders/henson c

first who would the point guard of the opposing team defend

that wouldn't permit our offense to be ran through the post. Secondly the team would have four shooters on the court and two playmakers in Giannis and Jabari. The shooters would help Giannis get easier assist as a point. Lastly I see Middleton as a poor mans Joe Johnson. The negatives to this lineup would appear to be lack of true ball handlers. Typing from my phone so expect many errors.

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