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Milwaukee Bucks Media Day 2014: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jabari Parker and Larry Sanders highlight start of camp

The sun is out, the future is bright, and day one of Bucks' training camp had all the Kool-Aid a Bucks fan could have hoped for...

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Bucks' 2014 media day is officially in the books, but our coverage of the new-look, hope-springs-eternal Bucks is just beginning.

Our guys Eric Buenning and Aron Yohannes were at the Cousins Center for all the cliches festivities earlier today, so look for plenty of content starting with Aron's piece on the Resurrection of LARRY SANDERS! this afternoon. In the meantime, we culled through all of our favorite Twitter quotes, pictures and commentary to provide a quick summary of the day. For more, also be sure to check out's video stream with Jim Paschke and Sophia Minnaert and the official Reddit AMA that was held with various Bucks players throughout the day.


Jabari Parker

Wait, so Jabari Parker is the NBA's equivalent of Zombie Kid?

Larry Sanders

You'll never guess what most of the questions for Larry Sanders were about--I think our friend Jeremy Schmidt summed it up best:

Check out Aron's piece for extensive quotes from Larry's Q&A.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis is officially still listed at "only" 6'10" and 210 pounds on the Bucks 13/14 roster sheet, but the Greek Freak says that's a bit modest.

Speaking of modesty, that trait is not how Giannis became the most entertaining guy at media day.

Oh, and mark your calendars:

Forget the bobblehead, can we get this kid a statue already?

Brandon Knight

Something tells me Mr. Knight isn't loving the "Giannis at PG!" noise as much as most.

John Henson

Turns out Jason Kidd knows the book on John Henson. So how to make the big lefty diversify his game?

Damien Inglis

Alas, not everyone is fit and ready to go. Despite suggestions after the draft that second round pick Damien Inglis' fractured foot would be healed by training camp, he's still a ways from being ready for NBA basketball.

O.J. Mayo

If you had to guess which Buck wasn't at media day, who would you pick? And if you didn't pick O.J. Mayo, WHY NOT?

Heck, even Jason Kidd is joking about Mayo's MIA status.

Quote of the day? QUOTE OF THE DAY.

Kendall Marshall

Jared Dudley

Jared Dudley suffered through his worst season as a pro in L.A. last year, battling a nagging knee injury that appears to be in much better shape as he kicks off his first camp in Milwaukee.

That's high praise, especially considering Dudley spent almost five years with the Suns and their renowned training staff.

Jason Kidd


Many have pondered what kind of role Marquette might play in the development of a new arena in Milwaukee, and the good news is that a formal dialogue between Wes Edens, Marc Lasry and Marquette President Michael Lovell is underway.

Note: If you're wondering what role a team president would play, remember that back in May Edens described a team president as leading the team's business side, serving as a counterpart to the GM on the basketball side. In short, don't expect this to be a team president in the Phil Jackson or Stan Van Gundy sense.

Get well soon, Wes!


There was however one downside to the day: Our friend Mike's board was one cliche short of a bingo.

Seriously, no one did any yoga with Hakeem? Damn.