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NBA London 2015: Milwaukee Bucks Practice & Interviews

The Bucks managed to squeeze in a practice at the O2 Arena ahead of their game tomorrow against the New York Knicks. The players & coaches stayed around afterwards to speak to the media.

James Plowright

Our friend James Plowright is covering the Bucks in London this week for us, and below you can check out his report from the open media session on Wednesday. - Frank Madden

A big thank you must go to the NBA's PR department for allowing the media some fantastic access to the players ahead of Thursday's Bucks-Knicks matchup in London. I tended to stay away from the huge crowds surrounding Jason Kidd and Giannis Antetokounmpo, and instead opted for chasing after some of the younger players.

I also had a fantastic sit down chat with Bucks assistant Greg Foster who came across as a very smart guy. To stay up to date with the rest of the Bucks trip in London follow me @JPlowright_NBA.

Jared Dudley

"Jared Dudley 1" is a general interview with the rest of the media, in "Jared Dudley 2" I managed to track him down and speak to him one on one.

  • Dudley's time in London so far
  • On his invitation (or lack of one) to see the royals
  • Visit to Stamford Bridge

Listen to the interview here: Jared Dudley 1

  • Details of the read & react offense in Milwaukee
  • Some personal beef I had with Jared...
  • Brandon Knight as the team's best player

Listen to the interview hereJared Dudley 2

Greg Foster (Assistant Coach)

  • The chance for London to be a bonding trip for the Bucks
  • The "High Hands" Chart the Bucks study
  • Who is the defensive leader on the court (Guest appearance from K Butter)
  • Henson's emergence as a vocal leader
  • Henson's adjustment to his new role
  • Why Henson's high foul rate is a good thing
  • Foster's work with Nerlens Noel last year
  • The Bucks development plan for their young players

Listen to the interview here: Greg Foster Interview

John Henson

  • Finding his role on the Bucks
  • Emergence as a vocal leader defensively
  • Did he ever find a Chipotle in London?
  • Chelsea fan & Stamford Bridge visit
  • His relationship with Kendall Marshall
  • Importance of Greg Foster for his development
  • Can Greg Foster become a head coach?

Listen to the interview here: John Henson Interview

Kendall Marshall

  • Kidd as a role model for Marshall's game
  • The effect on losing Jabari Parker for the season
  • Can the Bucks stay in the playoff spots the rest of the season?
  • Explanation of why Kendall likes Milwaukee more than LA
  • How he met adversity early in his NBA career
  • Do other rookies get an easy ride?
  • Did Kobe ever follow him on Twitter?
  • Is being left handed a real advantage in the NBA?
  • Relationship with John Henson on the team
Listen to the interview here: Kendall Marshall Interview

Zaza Pachulia

  • How Giannis has matured and grown as a player

Listen to the interview here: Zaza Pachulia Interview