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NBA London 2015: Jason Kidd expects Carmelo Anthony to play, talks about putting Giannis in touch with Pippen and Hakeem

Jason Kidd addressed the media in London at Thursday morning's shootaround, offering his thoughts on a broad range of topics ahead of the Bucks' matchup with the Knicks.

Following the Bucks' shootaround on Thursday afternoon, Jason Kidd spent a good five minutes speaking to the media at the O2 Arena in London. I managed to get three questions in, but there were a series of interesting topics covered by others which you can find below. If you want to listen to the interview then just click the following link: Jason Kidd Shoot Around Interview .

Kidd on Ersan Ilyasova returning.

"We will get some minutes for him, we will see how he responds."

How about at that power forward position, will you stay with Johnny (O'Bryant) there?

"Yeah, we're not changing that. We're not changing right now, we will wait until Ersan gets some minutes under his belt and we will talk about that next week."

Are you going to continue to use Kenyon like you have in any of those front court spots that need help?

"Yeah, we will look how the game goes and see if anyone is in foul trouble at the four or five. You know he can play multiple positions, again we're trying to get him into basketball shape. We will try to get him as many minutes as the game presents itself."

Does it make a difference if Carmelo plays, do you expect him to play?

"Yeah, he'll play. We expect him to play, we expect Amare to play. They will have their top guys ready to go and will be trying to find a win."

Is your team ready to play a game under these conditions?

"Yeah, this is business, we have talked about it all week. Understanding that this game counts, this isn't an exhibition, the guys are ready to play."

You guys have been able to dominate the Knicks this season, since pre season... (Kidd Interrupts)

"We haven't dominated, they've had a lot of injuries, they've made some trades as of late. We're not dominating, we're just trying to come out play hard and get the win."

You brought Joe (Prunty) over from Brooklyn, do you see that as a guy who is ready to step up and be a head coach sometime soon?

"Oh yeah, Joe's the best, when you talk about the hardware of winning championships he's done it in San Antonio, you see the knowledge that he can help our young staff. In Milwaukee he's been great."

Do you see him as head coach material?

"Yeah,  I think eventually he will get a chance to be a head coach in this league"

Do you think the game will look a lot different from when you saw the Knicks 10 days ago?

"Whenever Carmelo puts on a uniform they're different. He's one of the best in the world. We're going to have our hands full."

(My Question) Have you had to take a more active role this year with a younger team as opposed to last year's Nets which was a veteran locker room?

"You're always active as a head coach, you want to put guys in a position to be successful, we're a young team so we do a lot of teaching, maybe a little bit more than we did last year. Our guys are young on experience but they're picking up things we're doing in practice and we're emphasizing."

(My Question) Last year after the Nets won in London, you went on a really good run with one of the best records in the league after Christmas. Do you think the London trip acted as a catalyst for your team? Do you think that will have a similar impact this year?

"I don't know if the London game was something that we used, we were an older team so we were happy to only play one game in a week. We weren't  built for four in five or seven in ten, but with just one game we could focus on our opponent at the time. We won, but I don't think that game was what turned it around."

How do you seen Kenyon Martin helping develop the younger players as a veteran?

"I still think he has gas in the tank to help on the court and off the court, being a young team Kenyon brings wisdom for us. He brings toughness, but he is a very smart player too and he can definitely help the young guys."

Is there anything you said to Giannis? This is obviously a big stage for him over in Europe. I am sure he is  really looking forward to this game, he has friends and his old coach here. Is there anything you said to him?

"No, this is basketball. He has played in Europe before, so I think he should enjoy the moment but dont put anything more on it, just be yourself and let the game come to you."

You mentioned yesterday how you put him in touch with Scottie Pippen, Hakeem Olajuwon and Dikembe Mutombo. They're all good things for him right?

"It's a great experience, Giannis wants to be one of the best and we have the opportunity to talk to the best to be able to ask them questions to find out what helped them be successful...for a 20-year-old I think it is the right thing to do. Those guys you mentioned are great to be able to take the time out and share what they did to make them become successful."

Did he talk to Pippen on the phone?


Was that something you set up?

"Yeah, that's something we talked about, who did he look up to. So we had an opportunity for him to talk to Pippen. He did the talking though, I wasn't on the call, so you will have to ask him about that."

Do you find the dynamic different when you coach against players who you used to play against?

"I don't think its different, everyone wants to win. Kerr, Fisher, myself. Being  players we're all competitive and want to win."

Have you seen Carmelo since being in London?

"No, He's been busy [Chuckles]"

This is your third straight year in London. First as a point guard for the Knicks, second as head coach of the Nets and now as head coach of the Bucks. What will be your role next year?

"Unfortunately we won't be coming back to London. I've had a great time here, the experience has been wonderful each time we've come, hopefully we can get the win."

(My Question) Between being in London last year and now, what do you think is the biggest thing you have learned as a coach?

"Patience, you've got to be patient, it doesn't happen over night as much as we wanted that in Brooklyn. We had to be patient from when the season started but we found ourselves in the second round against the Heat."