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Poll: Should Brandon Knight make the NBA All-Star team? Will he?

We're going to see how Bucks fans feel about this question.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

In light of the sudden uptick in Brandon Knight-related posting from around the web, I posed the following question on Twitter the other day:

Of the responses I got, most were of the "no and no" variety, which surprised me at least a little bit. The intention of the "without look at stats" qualifier was to get an idea of what public perception was on Knight's All-Star chances based solely on what was floating around in people's brains. People who follow the Bucks know that Knight's numbers have been pretty impressive this year, but maybe I underestimated how much knowledge there is about his less-stellar (though still improved) advanced metrics. In any case, I'm still curious, and I wonder how the mild attention boost Knight has gotten from the bit of recent national coverage might have affected the collective mindset. So I'm going to ask again, and I don't really care if you look at his stats or not.

So please take a second to vote in the poll below. There are four options to allow for each possible answer to the pair of questions.