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Jabari Parker and Damien Inglis to undergo surgery Monday

Jabari Parker will have surgery on his left knee Monday in New York.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Milwaukee Bucks 19-year-old rookies Jabari Parker and Damien Inglis will undergo surgery to repair their separate injuries on Monday. Parker's surgery will be to repair a torn left ACL that he suffered in a December game against the Phoenix Suns that ended his promising rookie campaign. His surgery was slightly delayed due to doctors waiting for the swelling in his knee to go down. Team physician Mike Gordon will be in attendance for the surgery.

Damien Inglis will have surgery on his right foot* in Charlotte on Monday, his second surgery before any live game action. The 31st overall pick suffered the injury during a pre-draft workout with Oklahoma City. Though he had been making slow progress, it's likely that the injury had not healed to the proper standards, thus the need for another surgery. A French website is reporting that Inglis will be out for the season, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

(*The Bucks telecast said that Inglis is having surgery on his ankle, but the previous injury was to his foot. At this time, it's unclear if it's a different injury -- which appears unlikely -- or the same one).