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Bucks Podcast Preview, Part 2: Offensive Creeds and Giannis Threes

Our focus turns to the Bucks offense in Part 2 of our podcast preview series. Can Milwaukee break out of the bottom-10 range?

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Bucks are a defense-first squad, so we predicted the success of the defense with Greg Monroe in Part 1 of our podcast preview series. In Part 2, we turn our attention to the other side of the floor and question whether the team can break through from the bottom-10 of offensive efficiency. It's an uphill battle for any team without three-point shooters to emerge as a potent offense, but perhaps the more interesting question is whether the limiting factor for the Bucks is based on personnel or philosophy.

Does the team run enough sets designed to get Khris Middleton three-point opportunities? Are post-ups too inefficient to carry a modern offense? Are Monroe, Middleton and Vasquez the only above-average offensive players for 2015-16 on the roster? Perhaps most importantly, the focus should shift to whether Giannis Antetokounmpo is given enough freedom to grow his offensive game in meaningful ways. Listen to our discussion on offensive creeds and Giannis threes, and then offer your thoughts in the comments.