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Bucks Podcast Preview, Part 3: Rashad Vaughn and Damien Inglis Talk

Rashad Vaughn and Damien Inglis are two of the youngest players on the roster, so what should fans expect from them? We discuss these potential playmakers in Part 3 of our season preview series.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Our 2015-16 Bucks season preview podcast series rolls on! We addressed the stability of the defense and Greg Monroe in Part 1. Our focused shifted to Giannis shooting threes and the growth of the offense in Part 2. Now it's time to forecast Rashad Vaughn and Damien Inglis, the young enigmas on the roster who've shined at times during Summer League and Preseason play.

Vaughn's comfort level and competence as a rookie has some people thinking big things are possible, but I ask everyone to step back and think about what type of NBA role Rashad is on track to fill. Eric Nehm refers to my proposed player comps as "offensive," so take a listen to the episode and let him know that I'm right. Frank and I also continue our long-standing tradition of calling out NBA shooting guards as a massive pile of meh. Meanwhile, in the second half of the episode, Frank keys on several traits and makes the case for Inglis as a "valuable role player" in the making. I toss out a Kent Bazemore comp that only makes sense if you actually listen to the podcast, which you can do by using the player embedded below.

Note: This was recorded on Sunday, October 18, hence references to the Wizards game the previous night.

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