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Jason Kidd ejected for knocking ball out of ref's hand

Most nights, Bucks coach Jason Kidd is normally the epitome of calm. Wednesday night's disastrous 129-118 loss to the Sacramento Kings was not most nights.

With the Kings pulling away late and both teams walking back to sidelines for a timeout, Kidd became animated in a conversation with official Zach Zarba, then knocked the ball out of Zarba's hand as the official appeared ready to T him up. Kidd was of course ejected, with Khris Middleton and O.J. Mayo having to restrain the normally mild-mannered Kidd as they moved back to the bench. He'll likely face a steep fine and some sort of suspension for the incident tomorrow.

Kidd might have been frustrated by some of the game's officiating -- a non-call on Giannis Antetokounmpo seemed to be the final straw -- but his frustration likely had as much or more to do with his team's continued struggles on the defensive end. After ranking among the league's top five defensively a year ago, Kidd's team has been an utter disaster so far this year, ranking 30th in defensive rebounding and overall defensive efficiency while struggling to a 6-9 start. There appeared to be some improvement in Monday's 109-88 win over the Pistons, but the wheels came off completely against the Kings, who shot 57% from the field despite the absence of superstar big man DeMarcus Cousins. Sadly, Kidd's swipe may have been the best defensive play the Bucks made all night.

The Bucks travel to Orlando on Friday...just don't expect to see Kidd on the sidelines.