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Jason Kidd: Jabari Parker's minutes 'probably' limited to 15-20

As expected, Jabari Parker will have limited minutes as he works his way back from injury.

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The Milwaukee Bucks will have Jabari Parker available for the first time on Wednesday against the Sixers, but don't look for the former second overall pick to play a major role just yet.

As expected, Bucks coach Jason Kidd indicated Monday that Jabari Parker will be limited to roughly 15-20 minutes per game during the early stages of his comeback. The update doesn't come as much of a surprise considering the Bucks have remained cautious and patient during Parker's recovery from a torn left anterior cruciate ligament.

"I think we kind of have the plan, it's probably in that 15-20 minute range." Kidd said Monday.

Parker will make his much anticipated return after receiving medical clearance from Dr. David Altchek on Monday. That 15-20 minute restriction sounds just fine with Parker.

"Yep, that sounds pretty good." Parker said. "Even 20 is a big number, I'm just going with what I'm given."

Parker, the Bucks' prized possession after they selected him with the No. 2 overall draft pick in 2014, won't play back-to-backs early on, according to Kidd. That could limit his action over the next week, as the Bucks have back-to-backs against the Knicks and Nets on Friday/Saturday and the Celtics and Nuggets next Tuesday/Wednesday.

"He'll be limited in minutes, and hopefully we can build (on) that. We have a plan, he probably won't play back-to-backs."

Parker practiced with the first-team unit last week in preparing for his eventual November return. On top of Parker participating in training camp and the team's Fan Fest scrimmage, the coaching staff has done its best to clone a game situation for him.

"He's been practicing with the first group for the last week and for those guys to have some feel instead of just throwing him in on Wednesday.

"We'll make sure he's ready when he comes in. We've kind of simulated it a bit and he's looked great.

"There's a grace period here to get him back, but the first step is that he's able to play basketball."