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Here's a handy hype mix for you to use for the dunk contest!

Get hype.

Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so we figure that you're excited for tonight's festivities. Seeing Brandon Knight in the Skills Challenge will absolutely be a treat, but I'm willing to bet that you, like me, are a touch more invested in the dunk contest.

But are you so excited that you can hardly feel your face and/or toes like I am? If you're not, then one of two things are possible:

1) You probably aren't suffering a weird medical condition that makes parts of your body go numb and DON'T likely need to go to the hospital.


2) You haven't gotten yourself properly amped up for tonight. Well that's where I'd like to help out.

Below is a hand-crafted playlist of songs with common themes of jumping/flying/basketball/Bucks/whatever. A thorough listen at the right time should do the trick and get you ready to see Giannis destroy the competition.

(Note: Did I miss any songs? Let me know and I'll make adjustments throughout the night).