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VIDEO: Larry Sanders speaks out on departure from Bucks and NBA

On Wednesday morning the Players Tribune posted a video interview of Larry Sanders addressing his departure from the NBA (above), marking the first time Sanders has spoken publicly since reaching a buyout agreement with the Bucks last week. Entitled "Why I walked away from the NBA," the five-minute interview was accompanied by a short written post from Sanders, though the only real substance is in the video feature.

In it Sanders appears both upbeat and entirely uncertain as to if and when he may return to the NBA. He reveals that he had previously entered into treatement at Rogers Memorial Hospital, a family of hospitals with locations in Wisconsin and Florida that treat depression, anxiety and mood disorders. Sanders also briefly addresses his marijuana use, which led to a five-game suspension last season and an additional 12-game suspension this season:

"Cannabis came later on in my life, and it was for me used medically for, you know, some of the symptoms that I was having due to a lot of stress and pressure I was under due to my work."

For better or (most likely) worse, the marijuana comments will presumably draw plenty of attention, though otherwise there's little detail on what Sanders is doing now, if or when he might return to the NBA, or the specifics of his departure from Milwaukee. Still, Sanders appears to have a plan for how he can help himself, even if it means walking away from the sport he loves and the fans who embraced him in Milwaukee.

"I wish I could have said goodbye formally to the Bucks fan at the arena, at the Bradley Center. I want them to know that it was never about them. It was never about the fans or how they treated me, because that was awesome. These decisions are for my family."

Overall, the interview is unlikely to change anyone's existing opinions of Sanders, and in that respect it's probably a fitting conclusion to Sanders' career in Milwaukee. We all might have wanted more from it, but Sanders seems content to find his peace elsewhere.