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Bucks sign Jorge Gutierrez to a second 10-day contract

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Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

John Hammond announced today that the Bucks would be signing point guard Jorge Gutierrez to a second 10-day contract. Gutierrez signed his first 10-day deal in advance of the January 29th game against the Orlando Magic.

In his first stint with the team, Gutierrez averaged 4.5 points, 2.5 rebounds, and 1.5 assists in just under 15 minutes a game. He made one start against Toronto and tied a career high by scoring 13 points last night against the Rockets, the last day of his first deal.

The Bucks were able to generate a roster spot for Gutierrez because Larry Sanders was out serving a league-mandated 10 game suspension for his fourth violation of the drug policy. Though that number of games has been met, the league will still determine when Sanders is allowed to return, writes Charles F. Gardner of Journal Sentinel.

"It's up to NBA officials to determine if Bucks center Larry Sanders is in compliance with his treatment program after being suspended for a mininum of 10 games on Jan. 16.

The 10th game of the suspension period is Friday night as the Bucks face the Houston Rockets at the Toyota Center. But the suspension will not end until he is in "full compliance" with his treatment program, a league spokesman confirmed Friday.

When Sanders is determined to be in full compliance, the team will be notified by the league and be able to share that information with the public, the spokesman said.


If the league clears Sanders and says he is in compliance, then he will go back on the Bucks roster and another player would have to be released. But that does not mean Sanders would immediately return to the court."