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Giannis credits his shooting sleeve for improving jump shot

(Note: Please play the following song as you read on).

If you've been paying close attention to Giannis Antetokounmpo lately (and who hasn't), you've noticed that he's been showing a lot of confidence in his jump shot. He's been hard at work trying to improve it since he's been in the league, but only recently have we seen him begin to use it as a weapon.

Jump shooting Giannis has been a delight--it's helped open up his offense and allow him to set two career high scoring nights in his last four games--but there's been one question we've all been dying to find the answer to: What has triggered such confidence in Giannis?

Tonight, we got the answer.

So, if we're understanding this correctly, the shooting sleeve Giannis has started wearing is responsible for his success (check the 1:44 mark of the video at the top to hear it from the man himself).

At this point in the story we're all probably thinking the same thing: DOES THE SLEEVE HAVE SUPERPOWERS?

The verdict: I have my doubts, but if Giannis swears that it's the truth, I have no choice but to take him at his word.