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Bucks vs. Magic: Postgame Quoteboard

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Milwaukee Bucks

Jason Kidd

On Khris Middleton's performance...

"Khris is playing a very high level for us on both ends. We can go to him on offense in the post or on the perimeter, and he is knocking down shots. One of the nicest things I saw tonight was that he was getting double teamed coming off the pick, and he was doing his job when he didn't have the ball and there were two guys on him. We played out of that, and when you have two guys on one the numbers are in your favor. We got some great looks we didn't make, but we stayed with it and trusted one another."

On knowing when to play certain players...

"I'm just trying to learn how to be a coach and put guys in position to be successful. A lot of it is feel and a lot of it is that guys are going to make mistakes and how they respond from their mistakes. We've made a lot of mistakes, not just tonight, but throughout the season. That doesn't change my trust in guys that play. They have been very positive up to this point, and I think they are going to grow from that. Sometimes I do make the mistake of leaving someone on the bench too long, but it is not that I wanted to, it is just that I need to feel the process of the other guys on the floor, because everyone is going to play."

On managing back-to-backs...

"That is a process that we are going through as young team, understanding that everybody has back-to-backs. We play more than eight guys, to there is not time to make the complaint that we shouldn't have energy and effort. Makes and misses are a part of the game, but we can always have energy and effort, and hopefully we can do that- have that energy we had tonight tomorrow in Indiana.

Tyler Ennis

On his efficiency off the bench...

"I'm just trying to be aggressive. With the second unit we try to keep the energy up, change the pace of the game, and I thought we did that towards the end. I got some open shots and I just had to knock them down."

On gaining chemistry with the team...

"I think it is more getting comfortable with the speed of the game, and it is kind of slowing down for me a bit. I think I have a long way to go as for playing a lot more minutes condition-wise and feeling a lot more comfortable for long periods of time."

Khris Middleton

On recent tear...

"I'm playing with confidence. I'm not going to force it, but if the shot's there, I'm going to shoot it and just be aggressive."