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VIDEO: Jabari Parker's comeback featured in new Gatorade ad

Jabari Parker's rookie season came to a heart-breaking end on December 15, but a season-ending knee injury isn't stopping him from starring in his first major ad campaign.

Parker is by all accounts progressing well in his recovery from reconstructive knee surgery, and he's been looking fit and trim while attending Bucks home games since his injury. His rehab also plays a key role in Gatorade's newest ad for its "Recover" product line (shown above), which highlights Parker's journey from high school to college to his first season in Milwaukee. Jim Owczarski of talked to Jabari about the ad and the progress of his rehab:

"You know what, I'm trying to stay as positive as possible," he said of the recovery process. "I'm not really trying to consume so much of basketball right now. Just trying to get what I need to do and most importantly learn. Learn the game."

The ad features images of Parker being carried off the court in Phoenix in December, but ends with footage of the rehab work he's been going through since then. It's not nearly as fun as seeing Jabari back on the court, but until next fall it will have to do.