Fun with Bucks jersey speculation


The Bucks will reveal *something* at their #SeeTheFuture party on April 13, presumably a new logo to follow up last week's tease of new team colors. When new jerseys will be revealed is less clear, though the new color palette and some leaked fonts has not surprisingly led to speculation about how the new colors might look together. Which is convenient, because jerseys are far more interesting than team logos.

My favorites thus far come courtesy of graphic designer Conrad Burry, who mocked up home white and road green jerseys earlier today and then did another version with straight lettering on the front and cream as the primary home color (above). Personally, I was skeptical a version with cream as the primary color could work, but these actually look really sharp (and reminiscent of Notre Dame's new jerseys). I especially like the modern block-lettering font as well as the idea of "new" Irish rainbow piping (though I'm wondering if they might look a little better with black rather than blue accents).

Let us know what you'd like to see in the comments!