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Take a look at the preliminary renderings of the proposed Bucks arena

The Bucks unveiled preliminary renderings for their proposed new downtown Milwaukee arena at a press conference this morning. We won't waste your time here -- take a look at what they've come up with for the proposed multi-phase, $1 billion project.

Aerial view of arena development and entertainment district:

The Bucks provided some information, or "highlights" of each rendering in a press release as well.

  • The arena and entertainment live block anchor an ambitious new vision activated by sports, entertainment, residential and office uses.
  • Fronting existing Fourth Street and proximate to Old World Third Street, the site connects to the greater Milwaukee community including across the Milwaukee river to the vibrant downtown core.

Live block and arena entry aerial:

  • The arena design evokes Wisconsin's natural beauty and Milwaukee's rich heritage of industry and craftsmen, with expressive structure, transparency and fluid forms inspired by the rivers, lakes and forests of the region.
  • A diverse material palette includes warmth and color, reflecting the region's natural beauty. Selectively placed glass and moments of transparency throughout the building open views from within to Milwaukee's skyline.

View from entertainment district/live block:

  • The arena arrival experience is augmented by a transparent façade that marks the front door and monumental atrium within.
  • The dynamic entertainment live block will serve as both arena forecourt and community living room. This will be the year round destination that draws the people of the region together for unforgettable experiences and a place people will love to gather for generations to come.

These are not final renderings--the parties involved in the design will continue to tweak aspects of it until it's perfect. But it looks pretty great right now, eh?