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Bucks exit interviews 2015: Giannis ready to suffer consequences after shove of Dunleavy in Game 6

Giannis endured his first rejection from an NBA game last night.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It's unclear whether or not Giannis Antetokounmpo will face league discipline after his bruising shove that sent Bulls forward Mike Dunleavy into the stands in Game 6. The move by Antetokounmpo was presumably started after Dunleavy took this jab at Michael Carter-Williams' jaw immediately upon the start of the game.

It was soon followed by Giannis taking a shot to the face himself.

The second-year forward from Greece is ready to accept whatever comes his way after his interaction with Dunleavy, but he also acknowledged that he will apologize to the veteran after the incident.

"I'm going to wait and see." Antetokounmpo said at team exit interviews Friday. "I'm going to take the consequences because my action was bad. Whatever they say is the right thing.

"Sure there were some cheap shots, but it was a bad play by me. It is not going to happen again. From the intensity of the game, the cheap shots, we're down 30, I'm young - you live, you learn. It was a bad mistake by me."

A 13-year veteran and former Bucks player, Dunleavy aggressively attacked the younger Antetokounmpo to get a reaction. A strategy vets not uncommonly take in professional sports, especially in the playoffs.

"He does what all the vets do. He tries to take you out of your game, and he did it. He did a good job of it. That's part of the game. You have to play through it."

The Bucks were embarrassed 120-66 and eliminated from the postseason as Chicago took the series 4-2. It was an unusual performance from a club that prided themselves on energy and effort all season.

"We didn't come out ready. We won two games in a row and we didn't do what we usually do. We came out sloppy and without energy and focus."

Antetokounmpo will take a short rest before heading out to Greece for two weeks and arriving back in Milwaukee to begin preparing for next season. The 20-year-old believes another offseason of work can only raise his game to greater heights.

"I'm just going to keep getting better and better. I'm going to keep working hard to make steps people don't believe I can make."