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VIDEO: Carter-Williams left Game 6 with chipped teeth after blow from Dunleavy

Michael Carter-Williams left Game 6 within the first two minutes of the game.

Mike Dunleavy delivered two rough blows to Milwaukee Bucks players in Game 6. One of them was to Giannis Antetokounmpo, who was eventually ejected after returning the favor in the second quarter. but the first came at the beginning of the game to Michael Carter-Williams.

MCW left the game with most believing the ankle injury he suffered in Game 5 flared up, but then this Vine quickly surfaced. In his discussion with the media Friday morning, Carter-Williams said that a few of his teeth were chipped after the shot from Dunleavy, and that he needed some of his teeth put back in place. The second-year pro from Syracuse acknowledged that he recovered just fine from the injury after meeting with his dentist last night.

"I saw the dentist yesterday and he was able to put some of my teeth back in place," Carter-Williams stated, "but like I said, I'm good, I'm fine."