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VIDEO: Milwaukee Bucks tout "Ripple Effects" of new downtown multi-purpose arena

With broad public support still critical to the projects' long-term viability, the Milwaukee Bucks continue to push the off-court benefits of building a new multi-purpose arena in downtown Milwaukee. To that end, the official Bucks.comTV YouTube account released a new video this afternoon touting the so-called "ripple effects" that would come from such a project.

"This is our time..." begins the narration, overlaid on 3-D renderings of Milwaukee's new logos. "...the ripple effect, starts here."

That's exactly how Bucks fans and officials alike hope a new arena will be seen. Not as just another big building taking up space, but as the center of a vibrant community that engages visitors from the Milwaukee area, the state of Wisconsin, and beyond.

Renderings of a conceptual lower bowl design show a variety of events, from basketball games to concerts to extravagant galas. Those designs give way to the preliminary images we've seen previously, as a magic shockwave of some unknown substance dramatically brings color to the city, then the state, and then the entire midwest (the IAEA has been contacted).

"Now is the time to own...the Future," the video concludes.

Exciting, huh?